IKI South Africa

IKI South Africa is an authorised affiliate of Israeli Krav International in Ma’aleh Adumim Israel and we are your premier self defence training organization in South Africa. 

With scheduled weekly Krav Maga classesin several areas, IKI South Africaalso offers seminars and courses country-wide.  

In 2010 our first liaison with IKI began when Alan Mann and Tyler Collins took their first step in associating with IKI. Alan and Tyler became Apprentice Instructors while training with Moshe Katz on a Tour and Train adventure in Ma’aleh Adumim, Israel, in 2010. 
Moshe first started IKI about 26 years ago and has singly built the brand to the extremely high standard it now maintains. Over the years Moshe has seen the styles of attacks on people change with time and circumstance all over the world and he has always developed new techniques to thwart the ‘new age’ attacker and brought the defence techniques back to his Students.
IKI travels the world. Moshe has trained Students from all over, Eastern & Western Europe, North America, South America, Australia and South Africa.  

Information on the true origins of Krav Maga are to be found here

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